Quick inbound marketing tips for SMES

Establishing a decent inbound marketing strategy is a must for small and medium companies and businesses.

Where long-established and larger companies automatically have a busy online presence, smaller companies must work a lot harder to draw traffic to their website.

If a company provides good quality content through their website and social media platforms they can engage with a large audience and entice them to come on to your website.

Here are 5 inbound marketing tips SMEs can use to improve their inbound marketing strategy:

Good Site Design

The first thing an audience sees when visiting your website is the overall appearance and interface. If your website is visually appealing then the audience will be encouraged to visit more pages and visit again in time.
However, if your site design is shabby and unappealing then you can expect a high bounce rate so put the effort in and watch the traffic build up!

Provide Quality Content

People love reading fresh new content. Whether you have a blog up on your website or sharing posts on your social network platform always remember to keep it fresh and keep it relevant to what you are offering.
Recycling the same content all the time will leave people bored and unwilling to visit your website. However, if you are providing a constant stream of new and interesting content then you can be confident that regular inbound traffic will be guaranteed to flock to your site.

Work On Your SEO

This is one of the single most important elements in determining a good inbound marketing strategy, it’s the ability to be found by people looking for your business type.
A lot of businesses make the cardinal sin of neglecting their SEO and just hoping that their website will run successfully. This simply will not happen. SEO is crucial!
Although time-consuming at the best of times if the work is put in, find even a couple of right keywords and optimise them and place them correctly then you can draw a significant amount of traffic to your site with less cost.

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Know Your Industry

It is essential for any business trying to draw inbound traffic to their site to study their industry. How can you attract people to come to your website and do business with you when you don’t even know what their needs are?
Keep up with the current trends and fashion curves, conduct your research and stay ahead of the pack. Nobody wants to hear about last year’s product. Stay with the times and you will have a regular stream of visitors to your site.

Engage With Social Media

Social Media is a huge part of Inbound Marketing. They almost go hand in hand together. It’s the foremost peer-to-peer platform and if used correctly can pay dividends.
Setting up business pages on Facebook, Twitter and others will allow you to regularly engage with the audience, to share daily details about events, news and promotions. Another fantastic way of interacting with your audience is through like and share competitions and re-tweets.
Doing this provides the audience with a call to action to visit both your social media channel and ultimately your website.
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