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WoofAdvisor is a growing global social platform for pet lovers. It is an online community and a pet-friendly business directory in one. It brings together pet owners in a friendly, fun environment – giving them a forum to discuss concerns, share experiences or get expert advice. WoofAdvisor also contains a pet friendly Route Planning feature which helps pet owners to find pet friendly services in any location ( including home ).


Our UX team undertook an extensive research exercise to deliver a user friendly, feature rich experience. A comprehensive persona exercise explored a wide range of different age groups and social environments to make sure that WoofAdvisor would satisfy the needs of any pet owner in this modern age of technology.

The challenge was to create an online environment, which would conveniently provide services of:

  • social platform
  • blog
  • discussion forum
  • listing database
  • trip planner

…and present them in a coherent and well integrated ergonomic package.


Our team of developers stood up to the task, by constantly challenging the concept and keeping the specifications flexible / open to suggestions. For any developer, flexible instructions are harder to work with, however the ambition of the site called for an agile, proactive flexible approach. The prospect of a constantly improving system, provides members of WoofAdvisor with a “best in class” pet friendly platform.

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The Client: WoofAdvisor
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WoofAdvisor Working with the team at Matrix Internet has been a very positive and rewarding experience. As a (one man) non techie startup founder, undertaking a very ambitious and complex website, finding the right web agency was absolutely critical. The team's approach was perfect: a couple of preliminary workshops to make sure everyone fully understood the brief, target market, bullseye customer etc., followed by the creation of a number of very insightful Personas and accompanying Scenarios. This approach continued through to completion, with helpful advice and insightful suggestions at every stage of the project, many of which found their way into the finished design and functionality. While I felt some of these were not have been fully covered by the brief, there was zero slippage on budget. The project was delivered 100% to the agreed budget, which was highly competitive to start with. User testing undertaken by me has been universally positive in terms of Design, Layout, (the many) Features, and most importantly, Ease of Use. I really don't do recommendations lightly, but Matrix Internet have successfully turned my dream into a reality that I am very proud of, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Gerry Molloy, CEO & Founder, WoofAdvisor

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3 weeks ago
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