The Client:

Our Lost Pet

The Brief

Our Lost Pets was a brand-new project. Everyone on social media sees a steady stream of heart-breaking posts about lost and found dogs and cats. Ireland has many animal rescues with armies of volunteers trying to keep found animals safe and reunite them with owners or find them new families. And each of those rescues has its own social media accounts. It can get overwhelming.

But what if there was one central listing to help lost pets be reunited with their families? What if that one website included the whole island? And all kinds of pets? That was the challenge Matrix faced in creating the Our Lost Pets website.

The Solution

found pets, including photos. We created a database with a simple front end so entering details is easy, and visitors can decide if they want to make their contact details public or not. The site also allows people to send a message to the person who lost or found a pet via the site to protect the person’s privacy. It’s also easy to search with the flexible option of allowing visitors to search by any term such as a town or dog breed.

The website has a lot of information, so we made the graphics clear and minimal. But of course, it’s a pet site so the photos are important and compelling. (And adorable.) The mission behind Our Lost Pets is animal welfare, so we built on that by including a blog about pet care. We put in an obvious “Contact Us” section too.

Key Features

  • 1. BeSpoke Design
  • 2. Custom lost pet listing & reporting
  • 3. Custom admin system to manage lost pets
  • 4. Bespoke Lost Pet Search Engine on the site
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The Client: Our Lost Pet
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