The Client:


The Brief

Laydex supplies builders with a massive range of materials. If you need it to build a structure of almost any kind, Laydex has it. They are selling to builders, so it is business to business, expert to expert sales. They had outgrown their previous website, and they needed something that could handle the huge range of products in different categories. Laydex carries six distinct product categories. They needed a site that was balanced, giving equal attention to building products, flooring, roofing, resin surfaces, air and water tightness and passive fire protection. This was a challenge artistically and technically.

With so many products, we wanted to make sure visitors didn’t feel overwhelmed or lost. UX is a priority with all of Matrix’s work, and this is an example of what it is so important. A visitor with a technical question about one product line would leave quickly if on their first visit to the site, they saw only products not relevant to their immediate needs.

The Solution

We created a homepage for Laydex with the images that represent each of the six divisions rotating so they could share the spotlight equally. Each division has its own landing page. We made the priority for our custom graphic design keeping things balanced so the six sections were distinct but equally visible and accessible to the visitor.

Laydex carries more than 1,000 different products. We built a database that could keep them all organized and searchable. The site we built for Laydex has a very sophisticated search engine. The goal was to make it easy for visitors to find what they wanted and notice that Laydex has a massive array of stock without feeling overwhelmed by it. We included highly visible contact details and gave visitors options. They can call, email or request a call back. It’s important that they know they can get expert help quickly to choose the best product for their project. This was a challenging project, and everyone is pleased with the result. Laydex has an easily searched site that balances their six product categories.

Key Features

  • Custom graphic design
  • Full Product database (Over 1000 products)
  • Full product search engine / filter
  • Landing pages per divsion
  • Product Megamenu
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The Client: Laydex
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