The Client:

Foran Equine

The Brief

Foran Equine, a subsidiary of Red Mill Foods, does not just sell food for horses, Foran Equine has over 60 highly specialized products designed and tested by trained scientists, veterinarians, and horse lovers to keep your horse healthy, happy, and high-performing. Foran Equine boasts of having a diverse catalogue of products ranging from Equine Bodywash to Nutri-calm Gel for equine relaxation to Muscle Max protein-building vitamin supplements. In addition to their products, Foran Equine also provides expert advice on a wide range of competition, health, and breeding questions.

Foran Equine needed a fully responsive website that was easy to navigate for the equine experts who rely on Foran Equine for their horse care. They have so many different kinds of products and such a variety of services that a clear, sophisticated website was extremely important.

The Solution

Matrix set out to create the ultimate website for Foran Equine that would best cater to the clientele, which includes both B2B and B2C sales internationally. In order to best serve the client base, we created three different, fully responsive websites: one for the UK market, one for the Irish market, and one for the international market. The UK and Irish sites have eCommerce capabilities, the international site provides extensive product details and expert advice.

In our efforts to cater to B2B sales, we created a full-service admin area strictly for B2B purchases. For B2C sales, there is a new, bespoke check out service and customers can now log into their own accounts and review their full purchase histories. Aside from the sophisticated sales technology involved, the sites are all visually stunning and the pages are punctuated with strong, persuasive calls to action that are designed to convert interest into action.

Key Features

  • 1. Custom graphic design in collaboration with Fuse
  • 2. Content management system to manage 4 websites in one
  • 3. Complex bespoke checkout
  • 4. Prominent calls to action designed to convert
  • 5. Creation of infographics
  • 6. Customer account area and history of orders
  • 7. B2B Admin Area
  • 8. Foran CVE Academy (Quiz logic, depending on your answers you can get a certificate)
The Client: Foran Equine
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