The Client:


The Brief

Cloudeon is a cutting-edge solution provider offering cloud computing services. They are superheroes of science and innovation. If a company is moving to the cloud, Cloudeon is the right moving company to get them there safely and sanely. Offering infrastructure, operations and platform services with a focus on financial, retail, energy and government sectors, Cloudeon needed a website that reflected their superpowers. They needed a site that was fun, but also very intuitive to navigate. And being a Danish company, they had a certain standard of innovative style to live up to.

The Solution

At Matrix, we love a party with a theme. And UX is always at the foundation of our work. So developing this quirky, bespoke design was tremendous fun. The interactive site features custom illustrations on a space and robots theme. We built it on the Hubspot COS, using megamenu creation, CRM, Hubspot forms and automated workflows. The site’s visuals back up the company’s philosophy of embracing innovation and science to provide cutting edge solutions to a sophisticated clientele. Visuals matter. That was proven back in the earliest days of print newspapers. It’s just as true now as ever, maybe more true because we are more demanding. If something doesn’t catch our eye, we move on. So we knew that for a very technical service such as cloud computing, Cloudeon really needed strong, compelling graphics as well as easy navigation. And using Hubspot to build the site meant it is as clear and intuitive behind the scenes as it is for visitors.

Key Features

  • 1. BeSpoke Design
  • 2. Custom Illustration based interactive website
  • 3. Megamenu Creation
  • 4. Responsive design for all devices
  • 5. Built on the HubSpot COS
  • 6. Integration / Creation of HubSpot forms, CRM, automatic workflows…
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The Client: Cloudeon
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Unlike other web development companies I've dealt with before, Matrix always respond quickly and positively to any feature or design changes we need done to the site. Being able to have things implemented in a timely manner allows us to develop ideas and marketing plans and have them in place at the right times. Also, being able to work with them on digital marketing ideas and processes takes a lot of pressure off us to work out the mine field that online marketing can be.

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