The Client:


The Brief

Buska had a functional website but to really thrive, they needed more. They needed a fully responsive site that worked hard to convert visitors. Their site didn’t need a lot of content, but the goal was also to automate things so they didn’t have to put much time into keeping their site up to the minute.

Buska rents out moving boxes in the greater Dublin area. Their service makes moving house easier and more environmentally friendly. Anyone who has ever moved house using cardboard boxes scrounged from shops can see the wisdom of renting sturdy plastic boxes. It’s not a hard sell! Their site needs to give people the information they need about the service and also prompt them to convert now rather than delaying.

The Solution

Matrix created a new site with the muscle to move those moving boxes. It features an animated video that explains the service in less than two minutes while also displaying empathy with the visitor who is facing the stress of moving. We included a link to contact their help desk that goes with the visitor from page to page but isn’t intrusive. We’ve also built in several calls to action with a helpful rather than hard-sell feel.

As with all of our sites, Buska’s has UX at the core. We developed it knowing that visitors planning a move would be stressed. They’d want to find concrete, practical details quickly. And they’d need to be able to contact the company with minimal effort. That’s why we have the video front and centre and the link to the help desk discretely following them through the custom-designed site.

We also included a complex, bespoke check out system for when visitors converted. To augment conversion and encourage visits to the site, we have created a very sophisticated SEO strategy for Buska which focuses not only on effectively optimising texts, but also images on the site. We will also run concurrent PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns for Buska that aims to help divert traffic to the website.

Key Features

  • Custom graphic design
  • Complex bespoke checkout
  • CMS System
  • Visually rich content, minimal text
  • Prominent calls to action designed to convert
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Fully responsive site
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The Client: Buska
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