Virtual Conference

Virtual conference hosting — so it all goes off without a glitch

Virtual Conference Websites

With 2020 steering most of your life online you need your screen time to run smoothly, and we’ve embraced this worldwide surge in virtual conference services.

We’ve devised a super-streamlined process for developing temporary websites to host one-off live events, and we’ve so far teamed up with some of Ireland’s top event companies and global brands on high-profile webinars and other presentations. The good news? If you’re in a rush, we have a big enough team of dedicated experts who can get your virtual conference site live in days.

Virtual Conference

We’ll take your creative idea or designs and get them out there — leave all the technical stuff to us, like server setup, support and dealing with volatile swings of traffic. Our team of developers are experienced in creating robust, responsive and flexible hosting environments. Integrating with third party systems (e.g. Vimeo,, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho and others) is very much in the comfort zone of our developers.

We manage such a quick turnaround by utilising a base platform that we have built and which can be easily tailored for each event/site. If you come with us with a solid idea we’ll have it up and running in no time, so you can concentrate on getting that presentation just right.


  1. Assess all your requirements;
  2. Anticipate the expected traffic over all stages of the event;
  3. Corresponding hosting environment setup;
  4. Design process (provided by client or Matrix design team);
  5. Build the website, with all requested features, technical integrations and signed-off design;
  6. Install an SSL certificate;
  7. QA/testing, verify GDPR compliance and perform security checks;
  8. Live deployment;
  9. Registration phase;
  10. Active monitoring of the system and server resources during the registration phase and eventual live event;
  11. Shutting down the service as pre-agreed with the client.

If you’d like us to turn your ideas into an engaging live event, give us a shout at and we’ll talk you through the whole streamlined process.

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