SHD Websites

We’re national leaders in fast-tracking Strategic Housing Development planning application websites, with an ultra-streamlined template strategy.

SHD Websites

Strategic Housing Development

If you need a fast-track solution to publishing a Strategic Housing Development (SHD) planning application website, Matrix will have it up and running in two to three weeks — or quicker if necessary.

We have launched more than 20 SHD sites in the last year, all adhering to An Bord Pleanála’s strict requirements. We will deliver a reliable site and provide all the necessary maintenance once it goes live.

We have streamlined the process by developing robust templates that can easily be tailored to present all your relevant documents logically and clearly. Our standardised approach avoids the need for a lengthy design process, which lowers costs and ensures a quick turnaround.

Our streamlined template approach:

  1. Template development process;
  2. Domain name registration;
  3. Select a template;
  4. Amend the chosen template with your logo/name, navigation path, content etc;
  5. Set up shared folder environment such as Dropbox so planning consultant can upload complete documents;
  6. Upload all documents and files;
  7. Create a test link so you can view the site;
  8. Test the website;
  9. Website goes live;
  10. Active management and maintenance of your website.

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