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Matrix Internet is thrilled to announce its participation in the groundbreaking Digital4Security project, a transformative initiative aimed at bolstering Europe’s cybersecurity defences by addressing the acute skills shortage in the field. Funded by a €20 million grant from the Digital Europe Programme, Digital4Security seeks to reshape the landscape of European cybersecurity through a comprehensive educational and training strategy.

Cultivating the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Experts

At the heart of Digital4Security is a mission to reskill and upskill a diverse group of participants, including recent graduates, professionals, managers, and business leaders. The project’s goal is to make them ‘cyber confident’—fully equipped with the skills needed to protect and enhance the digital security of European SMEs against global cyber threats.

Matrix Internet, as a key consortium partner, is dedicated to nurturing a new wave of digital resilience across Europe. By closing the critical cybersecurity skills gap, Digital4Security will empower the next generation of cybersecurity leaders with the capabilities to defend and lead in a digitally-dependent world.

A Curriculum Designed for Real-World Readiness

Digital4Security’s curriculum is built on a rigorous needs analysis involving all consortium partners, ensuring that the training provided meets the highest standards of both academic rigour and industry relevance. The program combines theoretical knowledge with practical, job-ready skills that are essential for immediate and effective application in the workforce.

Each module of the program will offer micro-credentials, providing participants with tangible proof of their competencies, along with industry certifications through partnerships with leading cybersecurity firms. This approach not only enhances the employability of graduates but also ensures that they are prepared to meet the specific needs of the industry head-on.

Addressing Europe’s Cybersecurity Challenges

With cyber threats growing in sophistication and frequency, European industries and public sector institutions face significant risks. Digital4Security directly addresses these challenges by preparing professionals who can understand and navigate the complexities of modern cybersecurity threats.

As part of our commitment to this initiative, Matrix Internet will leverage its expertise and resources to support the development and delivery of this vital training program. Our involvement underscores our dedication to enhancing the technological resilience of businesses across Europe.

Our contribution

Along with our partners in DigitalEurope, Matrix are tasked with 'Dissemination and European Impact', which encompasses all aspects of branding and the execution of the communications strategy. Our responsibilities include creating and managing digital marketing channels, tools, and websites essential for the project's success. We will also spearhead recruitment efforts, drawing students from across Europe with innovative campaigns aimed at both industry and academia.

As Digital4Security is focused on practical outcomes, Matrix is dedicated to measuring and analysing all engagement metrics. We will provide detailed reports, success stories, and case studies to demonstrate the tangible impacts of the project and ensure that it achieves its goal of closing the cybersecurity skills gap in Europe. Through our efforts, we aim to elevate the profile of Digital4Security and contribute significantly to the development of a robust digital defence for Europe.

Join Us in Securing Europe’s Digital Future

To learn more about Digital4Security and how you can be part of this pioneering project, visit our project website Together, we can build a cyber-secure Europe that is ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.