Could a Custom App Solve Your Problem?

Maybe your company needs something that doesn’t exist.  Is there a task that involves a lot of manual work at the computer that is eating up your time?  Are you constantly frustrated at the time and effort involved in some routine task?  Maybe you’ve looked for a software solution and found that nothing out there would really do what you need to be done.  Don’t despair.  You might not have to settle for software that already exists.  You have other options – options that don’t yet exist but could.  All you have to do is ask.

Did you know that Matrix Internet can create custom software and apps for your company?  That’s right.  Custom app software is not the exclusive preserve of large corporations.  Small and medium firms in Ireland can benefit from the flexibility and scalability of custom software developed just for them.

What Is Custom Software?

A custom software programme can be developed for your company to meet your specific computing needs.  It’s a set of instructions for your computer system to perform a task precisely as you need it done. Customised software can help with analysing your social media metrics or improve the functionality of interactive features on your website.  Perhaps some aspect of your current back up process isn’t working well for you.  If something seems like more work than is reasonable for you or your staff, talk to us at Matrix.  We can develop a solution to meet your exact, unique needs.

Matrix can develop a programme or application to make things easier and more efficient.  This is cloud-based software. That simply means you access it via the internet.  Cloud-based programmes offer many advantages, including being accessible from anywhere you can get online.  This means everyone has the same access to the software solution, no matter where they are.  Maybe you are a sole proprietor chronically pinched for time and frequently on the road.  Perhaps you have a dozen employees working from home.  Either way, a cloud-based system gives you the flexibility you need.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know the value of innovation.  So do we.  Let’s talk about how a custom software application from Matrix could streamline your operations and save precious time.

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