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7 Web Design Best Practices

A website is your primary interface with your customers in the online world. Using these best practices will help you better evaluate the returns on your investment. So let’s get started… And this is just an overview! There are many layers & details to each of these steps. Each of these is crucial. Don’t skip […]


Top 3 Photoshop tools for beginners

This blog is a continuation of our previous 2 blogs about graphic design. This week we tackle Photoshop in “Graphic Design Software: The Big Three”. We are going to go a bit more in depth in the world of Photoshop. We are going to talk about the top 3 Photoshop tools used by beginners. Let’s […]


Top 5 Illustrator tools

  This follow up, to our “Graphic Design Software: The Big Three” blog, will dive into more detail in each of the three major Adobe Suite. This week we wanted to give you a brief insight of five of the most widely but indispensable tools used when starting off with Illustrator. Illustrator, for those who […]


Graphic Design Software: The Big Three

Graphic designers’ biggest pet peeve is receiving artwork that has been created using the wrong piece of design software. This could range from making a logo on Photoshop instead of Illustrator or putting together a booklet using Illustrator instead of InDesign, which results in either low quality resolution, slow editing and much more. As a […]



Ara modular phone concept is a design by Google which allows you build your phone with the specs you want. The modular magnetic backboard enables you to add different gadgets such as camera lenses, speakers, storage space and much more. The concept phone came about from the increasing electronic waste, which stems from disposing of […]

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KID’s DIY Wearable and Programmable Starter Kits

  Tech-for-kids company, Technology Will Save Us, have kickstarted their new wearable device. The London-based company redesigned the DIY starter kit for kids. The Mover Kit enables children to learn the fundamental principles of programming and electronics in a fun and intuitive way. Cofounder and CEO, Bethany Koby said “While kids are avid consumers of […]

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