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Ireland’s Internet Day – An Evening With Jimmy Wales

The team here at Matrix Internet is gearing up to attend Ireland’s Internet day, which will be hosted by The Irish Domain Registry (IEDR) this evening. The event, which is in its third year, will be held at MacNeill Theatre, in the Hamilton Building at Trinity College Dublin. The aims of the event are to […]


World Emoji Day 2017

The humble emoji have become so ingrained in our daily lives that we rarely give them a second thought. But did you know that these wonderful characters have their own special day dedicated to them? And that day is today! (July 17th). Launched in 2014, World Emoji Day is the creation of Emojipedia founder Jeremy […]

social tone

How To Cultivate The Social Tone Of Your Brand

If you plan on using Social Media as part of your brand’s online strategy, then it’s crucial that you develop the right social tone from the very start. Social media offers your audience a valuable insight into the personality of your company and can go a long way towards building a strong relationship with your […]

adwords tips

Google AdWords On A Moderate Budget

It is an easy misconception to associate Google AdWords with big businesses, high budgets, and increased marketing costs. The truth is however, that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an accessible feature for all types of companies. In fact, a successful campaign is achievable even using the most moderate of budgets. Of course, this requires a strong level […]

business blog

How Can You Boost Your Business Blog?

Your business blog can be a powerful tool.  It’s often potential customers’ first impression of your brand. It is the port of entry to your sales funnel.  Unlike your more static website, your blog is ever changing and (hopefully!) up to the minute and topical.  Your blog can make an enormous difference to your bottom […]


Irish Users The First To Test Facebook Stories

For those of you who have been following developments, Facebook’s continuous attempts to crush Snapchat have been the source of much intrigue. Now, the social networking giants have launched their boldest statement yet, by rolling out their own version of Snapchat’s flagship Stories feature. In an exciting twist, the app based feature has initially been […]


Instagram vs Snapchat. The Battle Continues In 2017

Back in August, we invited Denis Brzozowski, Creative Director at Portsmouth-based agency Wolfden Creative, to contribute a guest blog on the emerging importance of Snapchat for B2C Marketing. Now, Denis is back, with a fantastic article about the intriguing battle between for superiority between Instagram vs Snapchat and what 2017 has in store for both […]

cyber monday

Preparing Your Cyber Monday Strategy

Arguably the busiest shopping day of the year will occur on this week (Nov 25th), as retail owners all over the country brace themselves for Black Friday. This is a day that retail workers dread and shop owners love as shoppers descend on their stores in their droves looking  pre-Xmas bargains. However, for those that […]

iPhone design

Can We Learn Anything from the Latest iPhone Design?

The iPhone 7 was launched and is now available to pre-order in Ireland. It doesn’t feature any game changers for digital marketing, but is interesting to see what innovations industry leaders come up with and how they introduce them. Most of the new features of this version of the iPhone are improvements. No one is […]

snapchat for buisness

Snapchat for business is coming…Get in early!

This week, we have invited guest blogger Denis Brzozwski to contribute an article for our blog about why using Snapchat for business is becoming an absolute must for companies.   Denis is an expert in graphic design & social media marketing and is the founder and creative director of Portsmouth-based digital design agency, Wolfden Creative. […]

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