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Android O Is on the Way!

Android O

Later this year, you and your website visitors will have even more power and functionality available to you.  Google has announced some intriguing details about the new Android O, which they expect to release in August or September.  (Guess what’s going to the top of everyone’s Christmas list this year!)  The new operating system might not change your life or your business instantly, but the new features tell you how you should be thinking about your digital marketing for 2018 and beyond.

One of the most exciting innovations is the picture in picture feature for apps.  This allows users new ways to use their devices.  They can view two different pages or programs at the same time, allowing them to easily comparison shop on their devices or to take notes while looking at menus or instructional videos online.  They can also message, post and tweet while looking at your site without switching back and forth between views.  How will your website and apps engage with mobile users when this becomes the norm?

Fluid Experiences Are Sound UX

Google is describing the Android O’s new features as “fluid experiences”.  Smart text selection is getting more sophisticated, and the Android O will use auto fill in apps.  Users will be alerted to activity on an app by a little dot next to the icon.  Pressing and holding the alert will give the user a preview without opening the app.  This will give your mobile website visitors and app users more power to do things quickly.

All these changes add up to a shifting big picture.  Devices are becoming more intuitive.  That highly developed UX combined with their mobility means we are likely to become ever more dependent on them to shop.  We will use them more and more to make purchases online and to comparison shop and decide which bricks and mortar shops and restaurants to visit.  It’s a safe bet that others will follow where Google

It’s a safe bet that others will follow where Google leads, and that all devices will become more intuitive and offer better UX.  The challenge to businesses is to keep their websites and apps up to the minute so people can get the most out of their new devices interacting with your brand.

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