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Cloud Apps

Cloud Apps

Move your business into the Cloud

Does your business have paper based or manually driven processes which could be streamlined by using the power of cloud computing ? Cloud Computing and SaaS ( software as a service ) models offer huge efficiencies and unlock your resources – both human and hardware.

What are Cloud Applications?

Cloud application are programmes that can be written to do the job of a current manual task ( or virtually anything )  and which performs its job on the server ( in the cloud ) via an internet connection rather than the traditional model of a programme which has to be installed and run on a local computer.  Google applications, internet banking and Facebook are all examples of powerful programmes which run in the cloud and perform incredible feats of computing for the oblivious user who only needs an internet connection and a browser.

There are different types of Cloud Application :

  • Public Cloud – Mainstream applications where a server provides the diskspace and computing power eg. Gmail, Facebook
  • Private Cloud – Privately owned cloud for a specified group over a restricted network but accessible over the internet eg. company intranet or internal applications
  • Hybrid Cloud – Public and private clouds used in conjunction together . eg. large company using internal email solution but allowing access to it over the web

Why should you consider moving your systems / processes into the cloud :

  • improve flexibility / agility – scalable
  • business continuity
  • lessen dependency and investment in hardware / maintenance
  • improve data backup options – tighten security and control
  • utilise powerful capabilities and computing power
  • access powerful reporting and information tools
  • portability – remote teams can work across secure multiple locations

Cloud based applications give small / medium sized organisations access to levels of power and flexibility that previously were only available to large corporations.  Improving technology and broadband speeds have opened up huge opportunities for businesses to utilise modern trends such as cloud, mobile, social and big data. Matrix have in-house expertise in all of these areas and can help your business or organisation to get ahead.

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