How to improve your social media presence during this Easter?

Easter is a great time for online sales, and Social Media platforms are fundamental to communicate with a public that’s ready to come on board. This is a crucial moment for brands, facing challenges for engaging their audience during the season. Our team at Matrix Internet has put together five tips to help you engage with your customers during this festive time:

1 – Be fun: there’s little space for formal content while promoting Easter. With that in mind, you can play around with bunnies, easter eggs, colourful imagery and chocolate, a lot of chocolate. Make it humorous, and you’ll get your customer’s attention.   

2 – Promote giveaways: giveaways are always the right answer, they are by far the best way to engage with your audience. Nonetheless, it’s essential to check your chosen Social Media platform’s regulations on contests to be certain that you’re following their rules. After that, select a product, give it an “Easter” makeover and give it away!

3- Be loyal to your business strategy: if your company offers services, you may not be in a position to give away any products. However, you can always connect your core business offering to the festivity. Is your brand a shipping company? Why not promote a blog post on special precautions while shipping during the long weekend? Are you a warehouse? A picture of your team wearing bunny ears and wishing your customers a great holiday is a great way to get some engagement on your Facebook page. Maybe you’re an online store, so, why not to create an image with your most popular products decorated as Easter eggs to share on your Instagram page? Creativity is key.

4- Participate in a charity campaign: this is a great way to show your commitment to corporate social responsibility and also to simultaneously embrace the Easter spirit. Your customers will like to be a part of a good cause during the holiday.  

5- A great chocolate pic: if none of the above is your cup of tea, share a picture of someone from your team eating a big Easter egg which will sure make your followers mouth’s water.

Egg-er to improve your social media presence, but unsure on how to do it? Make sure that you’ve checked what Matrix Internet bunnies can do for you, we carrot wait to give you a hand.

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