The Client:

West Cork Music

The Brief

West Cork Music produces a variety of events and educational programmes. It’s a busy and complex organisation that requires a lot of online real estate to explain what it does. But of course, the website must make it easy for visitors to understand what the group does, find the details they want and get tickets or register for events.
West Cork Music produces their famous chamber music festival, a literary festival, the Master of Tradition, and a range of educational programmes and retreats. Each main event needed its own page, and they needed a page for their education programmes. The organisation has a well-established and well-known identity, and their new page needed to reflect that.

From Concept to Reality – A beautiful website with five harmonious subsites

The Solution

We composed a suite of five linked websites, each a stage for a specific programme. United by lush, harmonious visual elements and smooth, instinctive navigation, the distinct pages form one complete website. Visitors can easily move from one section to another without losing track of where they are. Registration and tickets are simple and straightforward. We’re proud to say this site doesn’t hit any wrong notes! It captures the mood and brand of West Cork Music, showcasing exactly what the organisation does. All of key contacts for the various branches are easy to find on the footer, which social icons at the top of each page. We have to say, it was a joy to work with such gorgeous artwork!

Key Features

  • 1. Smooth, instinctive navigation
  • 2. Rich, beautiful visuals
  • 3. Excellent UX for simple and intuitive navigation
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The Client: West Cork Music
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WoofAdvisor Working with the team at Matrix Internet has been a very positive and rewarding experience. As a (one man) non techie startup founder, undertaking a very ambitious and complex website, finding the right web agency was absolutely critical. The team's approach was perfect: a couple of preliminary workshops to make sure everyone fully understood the brief, target market, bullseye customer etc., followed by the creation of a number of very insightful Personas and accompanying Scenarios. This approach continued through to completion, with helpful advice and insightful suggestions at every stage of the project, many of which found their way into the finished design and functionality. While I felt some of these were not have been fully covered by the brief, there was zero slippage on budget. The project was delivered 100% to the agreed budget, which was highly competitive to start with. User testing undertaken by me has been universally positive in terms of Design, Layout, (the many) Features, and most importantly, Ease of Use. I really don't do recommendations lightly, but Matrix Internet have successfully turned my dream into a reality that I am very proud of, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Gerry Molloy, CEO & Founder, WoofAdvisor

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