The Brief

Savvi Credit Union is a financial cooperative that serves over 20,000 people in Dublin 1, 2 and 4, with a community impact that stretches back to the 1960s and the early days of the Electricity Supply Board (ESB). Savvi is considered one of Ireland’s most innovative and modern credit unions, so they needed a new website to build on their dynamic reputation.

A huge challenge for Savvi’s website (and its entire organisation) was to blend parts of its DNA which are not always harmonious, namely:

  • Its heritage and legacy;
  • The older, traditional local communities that Savvi proudly serves;
  • A new breed of member, typically coming from one of the big tech companies who have European headquarters in Savvi’s coverage area.

Our User Experience team relished this challenge to be “all things to everyone” and they began an ambitious journey to create a website that Savvi would be proud of and which all of their members would enjoy using.

We settled on a brief that incorporated a visually exciting design with a website that was accessible to users of all ages and online abilities. We wanted to tell the story of Savvi through its history and community projects, but more importantly to highlight all of its financial packages, including the exclusive Money@Work programme they introduced for employers.

We’ve presented all of this information through a simplified user experience (UX), with a bold colour scheme and graphics, and professional images. Each of Savvi’s financial packages and offers is presented simply and effectively, and the user-friendly Loan Calculator is a prominent call to action throughout the site.

We also developed the site to be fully integrated with Savvi’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and further developed their content strategy, with a more friendly and prominent About Us section. From elegant design to engaging storytelling and rewarding navigation, Savvi have made a sound investment in their online future.

Key Features

  • 01
    Modern and dynamic visual design;
  • 02
    Streamlined user journey — condensed presentation of information;
  • 03
    Fully integrated with custom CRM system;
  • 04
    Analytics power through tracking user journeys;
  • 05
    Fully responsive site.


A user-focused website that simplifies a complex range of services and functionalities.

  • Provide a visually engaging welcoming portal for Savvi Credit Union;
  • Develop a simplified user journey and highlight all offers and financial packages;
  • Develop an inclusive platform — train Savvi team in updating the new WordPress Content Management System (CMS).


From client workshops to execution, a focus on user experience at every step.

  • Discovery workshops to finalise UX direction and branding;
  • Sitemap and design templates created and finalised with client;
  • Fully bespoke CMS, with supplementary training to key Savvi stakeholders;
  • Launch of new site.


A modern online platform that balances sophistication with a simplified user journey.

  • More efficient, engaging messaging to members and potential customers;
  • Powerful analytics through integration with existing CRM;
  • Savvi team empowered through CMS training;
  • Higher number of users, leads and new users reported since launch.