Dundalk Credit Union

The Brief

Dundalk Credit Union (DCU) is a financial cooperative with a proud history of serving the local community. This was a chance for Matrix to create a website accessible to users of all ages and technical abilities. We needed to highlight the Credit Union’s integral role in developing a stronger, sustainable economy in the town by providing financial independence to its 30,000 members.

While it was important to instill confidence in the user by telling the story of DCU through its history, and community projects and inviting staff photographs, a simplified User Experience (UX) was paramount. The Loan Calculator on the homepage is an immediate call to action, and its range of services is presented with a reassuring tone of voice.

As well as offering peace of mind to DCU’s members, we developed the site to fully integrate with the company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. And adding a further personal touch to their content strategy, we developed an accessible platform to keep the site up-to-date through community news and business updates.

Our branding and UX workshops and close collaboration with DCU staff through the project have paid dividends; we have built a community-focused digital home for DCU that’s elegantly designed and simple to navigate.

Delivered services:   UX Design SEO Website Development Branding



Key Features

  • 01
    User-centric design with focus on accessibility;
  • 02
    Community-focused and reassuring tone;
  • 03
    Integration with a bespoke CRM system;
  • 04
    User journey tracking;
  • 05
    Provision for community news and events;
  • 06
    Fully responsive site.


A website that simply presents the client’s range of services, with a human touch.

  • Provide a reassuring, welcoming portal for Dundalk Credit Union;
  • Highlight DCU’s role in the community;
  • Develop a simplified user journey with a minimum of steps;
  • Develop a platform to engage with the community.


Focus chiefly on ease of navigation with a reassuring tone.

  • UX and branding workshops;
  • Create a sitemap to deliver smooth navigation and reduce steps in user journey;
  • Develop fully accessible Content Management System (CMS) platform to facilitate regular update of content;


An elegantly designed and intuitive home for Dundalk Credit Union, while retaining its community spirit.

  • Improved reputation with members and potential customers;
  • Maintained DCU’s standing in the community — differentiated from regular banks;
  • Powerful analytics through integration with existing CRM;
  • Leads increased by 50%, while the Cost Per Lead (CPL) decreased by 79% — achieved with a 69% reduction in operating budget;
  • 44% increase in website sessions;
  • Number of users increased by 63%, with an 85% boost in new users, which facilitates incremental audience targeting.