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5 Signs You Need a New Website

Developing and launching a new website is a big task, and it’s easy to put it on the long finger.  It’s a bit like those household tasks we dread and ignore as long as possible.  And like those jobs at home, once we get a new site up and running and see the difference, we […]


Argh! Dell Warns Against Pirates

Just when you thought the last of the pirates had shaken you down for treats, Dell has issued a reminder that the real creeps never stop trick or treating.  Any day of the year, you could get an email with a link or attachment that looks like quite a treat – but isn’t.  Of course […]

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Give Them Wifi They Want and More

Access to a wifi connection on the go is fundamental to how people are using their mobile devices today, and providing free wifi is a basic for most cafes, pubs and other venues.  But it’s more than simply giving people a freebie they want, and it isn’t just for the hospitality sector either.  What can […]


What Does It Take to Work from Home Besides High-Speed Broadband?

Once upon a time, working from home was normal.  Farmers often work from home, after all.  Shopkeepers, bakers, doctors and publicans often lived above their premises.  Craftsmen didn’t rent out studios in town; they made things at home.  The technological innovation of the industrial revolution sent people out to work in big factories.  Could today’s […]


Why Have Sam When You Can Have SIRO?

Mayo didn’t get to take Sam home this year, but they might be cheered up a bit by Enda Kenny’s announcement that Castlebar is one of the first ten towns in Ireland to get SIRO.  Roads and paths are being dug up in towns across Ireland to install the latest, super-speed broadband.  SIRO’s claim that […]


Would You Pay for Your Staff to Be on Facebook at Work?

Have you ever crept through the cubicles determined to catch that slacker sharing funny cat videos? Or had to have the awkward talk with an employee about where the line is between taking a wee break to check your social media and taking the piss?  If so, you might scoff at the idea of actually paying […]


Purple Wifi – Make Your Wireless Work Harder

Today’s Digital World Being in business in today’s digital world means you have to be up to date with new technology or you can quickly fall behind your competition. Smartphones and devices have changed the world and people want to communicate from any location at any time and on any device and now with wearable […]


The Power of Customers

All about the customers Time for a new blog post.  Today, let’s talk about the idea of the power of people in business, and I don’t mean the business people themselves. I mean your customers! To put it lightly, without your customers, your business probably won’t succeed.  So I ask the question, how much do […]


Pubs crawling the web for innovation

Pubs crawling the web for innovation I have just finished a day long session with VFI members at the federation’s headquarters in Dublin. I was there as part of a wider scheme led by Alan O’Neill and Ross O’Neill of Kara Change Management and my role was to give a presentation to the members and […]


Let your business benefit from free WiFi

In todays competitive market every business has to have a value added service and offering WiFi to your customer is no different.  If you’re not doing it you can be sure your competitors are.  How often have you gone to an establishment and saw that there was no WiFi on offer and moved on?   What […]

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