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How to Use Facebook Groups for Business

Facebook’s recently announced changes will pose some challenges to businesses marketing on the social media platform. Many will see their organic reach shrink. This will push more brands to use paid Facebook ads, which have long been a highly recommended and powerful tool. But Facebook provides another option for marketing – a seriously under-used option. Facebook groups […]

Matrix Internet Website update

Don’t Let Your Website Look Derelict

We’ve all encountered a house at some point where you can’t tell if anyone lives there or not. It isn’t quite derelict, but there aren’t any signs of life either. The same problem can befall internet real estate. A website that looks old and hasn’t moved on with the times, won’t drive sales. The Internet […]


The Google Menagerie: understanding SEO and Google updates

Why does Google keep making updates? Google is undoubtedly the biggest and best search engine in the world. Google stays at the top of the search engine hierarchy by ensuring that the results are presented in order of their relevance and quality. This means that they try to make sure you have the most efficient […]

microinteractions - how animation can help improving user experience

Using Microinteractions to Improve User Experience

Mmm.. Is it doing anything? I better click that button ag— GOD DAMN IT!” You know that feeling. It’s just like when you accidentally hit your headphones’ cord and send them flying off your ears. Or when you get stuck behind a slow walker, and you hear the train arriving at the platform. Sheer exasperation. […]

fundamental web design practices 2017

Fundamental Web Design Practices For 2017

The busy, hyperactive websites of the early 2000s are long gone, and the hyper-minimalist elegance introduced by Apple over ten years ago is here to stay (at least for a while in tech terms). So how do you build a website that both conforms to the industry standard of sophisticated elegance and stands out from […]

brochure website

The Importance Of A Brochure Website

If you are not selling over the internet, you might wonder if you really still need a website. After all, you are marketing all over social media and the goal is to get people into your brick and mortar premises. They can’t place an order on your website.  You’ve got all your contact details and opening hours […]

call to action

The Power Of The Call To Action

Your digital marketing strategy has one ultimate particular goal: to invite your potential customers to enter your sales funnel.  To do this, you call them to take a specific action.  A Call to Action (CTA) serves as your direct invitation to them.  Of course, it does not say ‘yoohoo, come buy our stuff!’  The journey […]


Marketing Your Irish Business

Online businesses based in Ireland can gain a home game advantage by reminding their local customers that they are a local business, and Irish businesses selling internationally can also benefit from the country’s generally positive image.  In a world of bland multinational corporations, having an identity can help you stand out.  But that doesn’t mean […]

website hacks 2016

5 Infamous Web Hacks In 2016

Hacking scandals hit the headlines regularly.  A bank’s website goes down.  An organization is frantically reassuring the public after their database was hacked.  Hacking isn’t a new problem.  Every new advance in communications technology since the telegraph machine has been subject to hacking.  (Yes, there were telegraph hackers!) Hacking isn’t a new problem.  Every new advance in […]


After Cyber Monday Comes Tidy Tuesday

Yes, the day after Cyber Monday is also Giving Tuesday, and absolutely that should not go unnoticed.  Giving Tuesday is a time to do good and show your customers what your company values.  Your marketing persona should note what sort of issues are most important to your target market, and Giving Tuesday is the perfect […]

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