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Google’s Panda update What is it anyway!

Google’s Panda update What is it anyway! So Google have gone and updated their algorithms again. Panda 4.0 has arrived. So what? I hear you asking, well here is a small guide to help you understand why this is so important. Why should I care about it? The Google Panda is a change to Google’s […]

How often should I blog to help my SEO efforts?

Watching House of cards last night I heard Frank Underwood mention a great quote from Winston Churchill “To improve is to change, to perfect is to change often”. Little did he know when he was speaking such words of wisdom that he would also be describing the SEO landscape of 2014.  Now that people use […]

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” That is a quote from Leonardo Da Vinci who ( as far as we know ) was never introduced to the concept of the internet, never mind search engines, impressions, click through rates etc. Many of today’s modern day inventive minds are increasingly returning to the concept of simplicity after […]

SEO Trends of 2014

SEO Trends of 2014 I have been reviewing So many Sites and recently built websites, built by us here at Matrix Internet and have become aware that so many of you are wondering why your older website’s ranking higher than your new website.  You are welcome to see what we have done with our Previous […]

What is Google Hummingbird

Very recently Google announced ‘Hummingbird’, a new algorithm rather than just an update or a refresh. Google themselves said 2001, was the last time the algorithm was so dramatically rewritten. Hummingbird, so called because it is “precise and fast” is likely to affect around 90% of all searches. Whilst Google don’t provide the full details […]

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