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The Ten Commandments Of Beginning A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Reaching a desired audience As any digital marketing expert will tell you, one of the most effective methods of reaching a desired audience and increasing organic website traffic is through the execution of a successful email marketing campaign. If planned and maintained correctly, a successful email campaign can become a key element in an overall […]


WordPress zero-day or how to hijack millions of websites

Exploit code lets attackers gain unauthorized administrative control over millions of WordPress websites worldwide. WordPress CMS used by billions of websites has been found vulnerable to two newly discovered threats that allow attackers to take control (hack) over your web server. This ‘attack code’ has been released and it targets one of the latest versions […]


Irish SMEs Not Equipped For Online Business

IEDR – New Report IE Domain Registry (IEDR), the guys who manage Ireland’s .ie domain registry, have released a startling new report detailing the online capabilities, or lack thereof, of Ireland’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Perhaps the most surprising revelation within the report is that only 63% of Irish SMEs have a website. Of […]

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