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Instagram Rolls out Scheduled Post Feature

Instagram’s Scheduled Post Feature Rolled Out

Instagram has finally made the move businesses have long wanted. They are allowing business accounts to schedule posts in advance. But there’s a catch.  This feature only works if you are using a platform such as Hootsuite to manage your Instagram. At first glance, that might seem like an annoying restriction. And sure, it would […]

fully responsive website

What Is a Fully Responsive Website?

If you’ve been looking around to see what web designers are excited about doing these days, you have probably noticed a lot of us are proud to tell you about the fully responsive websites we’ve designed.  So you might be asking yourself what is a fully responsive website and wondering why do you need one? […]

Android O

Android O Is on the Way!

Later this year, you and your website visitors will have even more power and functionality available to you.  Google has announced some intriguing details about the new Android O, which they expect to release in August or September.  (Guess what’s going to the top of everyone’s Christmas list this year!)  The new operating system might […]


Irish Users The First To Test Facebook Stories

For those of you who have been following developments, Facebook’s continuous attempts to crush Snapchat have been the source of much intrigue. Now, the social networking giants have launched their boldest statement yet, by rolling out their own version of Snapchat’s flagship Stories feature. In an exciting twist, the app based feature has initially been […]

online shopping

Shopping without Shops

Going shopping no longer means going to an actual store.  If you think the only alternative is sitting at home surfing the net on a desktop or laptop, you’re missing something big.  Very big.  Just as more and more people are choosing mobile devices over computers, they are also choosing to shop on those mobile […]

website hacks 2016

5 Infamous Web Hacks In 2016

Hacking scandals hit the headlines regularly.  A bank’s website goes down.  An organization is frantically reassuring the public after their database was hacked.  Hacking isn’t a new problem.  Every new advance in communications technology since the telegraph machine has been subject to hacking.  (Yes, there were telegraph hackers!) Hacking isn’t a new problem.  Every new advance in […]

website design

Which Type of Website Is Right for You?

You know that your business needs a website.  The question is what type of website is best for your business?  Is your current website right for you? While the obvious goal of your website is to boost sales, how should your site go about that?  Business websites can be divided into two types: brochure and […]

open wifi service

Give Them Wifi They Want and More

Access to a wifi connection on the go is fundamental to how people are using their mobile devices today, and providing free wifi is a basic for most cafes, pubs and other venues.  But it’s more than simply giving people a freebie they want, and it isn’t just for the hospitality sector either.  What can […]


Google Results to Differ for Mobile and Desktop

Google is preparing changes to better serve mobile users, but will it leave desktop users behind?  The internet giant has been dropping hints about this for months.  At a recent tech conference, Google signalled that it will move to offering two sets of search results – one for mobile users and another for desktop users. […]

go car ireland

Go Car Upgrades Fleet and UX

Matrix Internet team members had a great time celebrating the launch of our client Go Car Ireland’s new electric BMWs this month.  Go Car is a perfect example of how innovative technology can help us transform the way we live.  Go Car offers electric car rental as an environmentally and financially friendly alternative to car […]

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