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Google AdWords On A Moderate Budget

It is an easy misconception to associate Google AdWords with big businesses, high budgets, and increased marketing costs. The truth is however, that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an accessible feature for all types of companies. In fact, a successful campaign is achievable even using the most moderate of budgets. Of course, this requires a strong level […]

Google AdWords

See What You Can Add to AdWords

Google Adwords has a new feature that allows people to contact you directly from the search engine results page.  The Click to Message ad extension is out of beta testing, and Google is now rolling it out.  With this extension, someone searching Google for a business in your field will see you at the top of […]

Online Advertising 101: What Works Best?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one online advertising technique that ticked all the boxes?  Imagine if you could just find that one perfect way to advertise your business online and didn’t need to worry about any other tactics?  An annoying reality prevents this.  People are most responsive when they’ve seen your campaign in […]

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Extended AdWords Ads & Price Extensions

Google AdWords is an ever-changing platform. Many accounts are optimised and refined until they get to the strong point and then left on auto-pilot from then onwards. The danger of this is being left behind by rivals who avail of new features while your account slowly becomes less effective. This is how the question ‘what’s […]

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Google AdWords Changes Announced

Google announced a number of  upcoming changes and updates to Google AdWords at its Google Performance Summit this week. The updates came from the senior management of AdWords itself and here’s what to expect: A Redesign …And just when you were getting comfortable with the current interface! At the summit, a senior Google executive revealed that […]

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