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going green

6 Easy Ways Your Office Can Go Green

Matrix Internet has gone green We just brought back recycling into the Matrix Internet office after a hiatus and it feels great. In just a few weeks we’ve greatly reduced the amount of our waste that is sent to the landfill; We’ve realised just how much of our waste can be responsibly recycled. In a […]

blogging and storytelling

Storytelling: an Indispensable Marketing Tool for Your Small Business

Increasingly, the cultural zeitgeist is moving towards clean, minimalist aesthetics and philosophies. This trend is also displayed in website designs and in the behaviour of consumers. Websites are becoming progressively more streamlined and intrepid surfers of the web are coming to rely on AdBlockers and VPN providers to hide from ads that clutter browsing experiences. […]

Optimise your landing-page to better convert AdWords-driven clicks to profit.

First Encounters: maximise AdWords conversions using landing pages

Many of us rely on Google AdWords to drive traffic and generate awareness of our brands and online presence. However, when the numbers are crunched, it seems obvious that a lot of us are actually doing something wrong. According to a new study by WordStream’s Mark Irvine, although Google AdWords generates almost a yearly $80 […]

Facebook's Dynamic Ads

All you need to know about Facebook’s Dynamic Adverts

What are Facebook’s Dynamic Ads? Facebook has recently rolled out their Dynamic Ads update with the seductive line: “Set up dynamic adverts once, then let them work for you.” Now, most of us who have worked in marketing are naturally skeptical of claims like this. Usually the only products or services that work for you […]

SEO overview

Search Engine Optimisation: a cursory introduction to SEO

What is SEO and why is it important? Those of us who lack IT backgrounds tend to approach most aspects of web development and technology with something like hesitation—this only worsens when acronyms like PPC, CPM, CPA, and SEO appear out of nowhere. Before you reach for that novelty stress ball on your desk though, […]


Whatsup with Whatsapp for Business

Most of us – the two billion or so people on earth – who use WhatsApp do so in order to keep in touch with friends and family. In an increasingly globalised world, we are moving around and travelling more and more frequently and, as a result, we are increasingly looking for the best ways […]


The Google Menagerie: Understanding SEO and Google Updates

Why does Google keep making updates? Google is undoubtedly the biggest and best search engine in the world. Google stays at the top of the search engine hierarchy by presenting results in order of their relevance and quality. This means that they try to make sure you have the most efficient experience possible when you […]


eCommerce and Social Media: five top tips to stay ahead

What is eCommerce and how does it integrate with social media? Most of us have bought jewellery off Etsy, textbooks from Amazon, and limited edition kitsch through Ebay. But what exactly is eCommerce – this wonderful thing that can fill your life with kitsch lunch boxes you never even wanted – and more importantly, how can […]


The Low Down on Two New Snapchat Features

Our guest contributor this week is  Denis Brzozowski, an entrepreneur, designer, and founder of Wolfden Creative. In this post, Denis explains two new Snapchat features and how they can benefit businesses of all sizes.   DENIS BRZOZOWSKI In the past 6 weeks, Snapchat has introduced two new somewhat game-changing features to their app. In this article we […]

fundamental web design practices 2017

Fundamental Web Design Practices For 2017

The busy, hyperactive websites of the early 2000s are long gone, and the hyper-minimalist elegance introduced by Apple over ten years ago is here to stay (at least for a while in tech terms). So how do you build a website that both conforms to the industry standard of sophisticated elegance and stands out from […]

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